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Headshot of Grayson Hicks

grayson hicks

Gatsby Performance Tricks & V5 Preview

Grayson & Maddie walk you through the best practices we’ve developed over 4+ years of working with Gatsby customers

Gatsby Image CDN Support for Remote Images

Watch as we add Gatsby Image CDN support to gatsby-plugin-remote-images together with its creator

Native React 18 Code-Splitting with Gatsby

In this video, learn how to use fine-grained code-splitting without a third-party library and understand why we have used loadable-components so far, but why React 18 + Gatsby unlocks a simpler developer experience.

Real World Serverless Functions

Presented at Gatsby Conf 2021, learn about serverless functions and how to use them in some real world applications.

Common Mistakes That Degrade Frontend Performance

Join Gatsby Senior Software Engineer Grayson Hicks and Gatsby Software Engineer Obinna Ekwuno as they chat about common frontend performance missteps they've seen people make with Gatsby so you can learn how to avoid them.

Five Questions on Gatsby.js

Here’s five blazing-fast questions and answers with Front End Developer, Grayson Hicks, about everyone’s favorite front-end tool right now.

Dive into Styled Components

Given at Carolina Code Conf, leave your flames and preconceptions about CSS-in-JS at the door. I love CSS and JS no matter who's where. I'll talk about the benefits of, and why I love, the styled-components library. I'll show you the fundamental power of styled-components, and illustrate why it's my favorite complement to JSX.

Gatsby and Drupal

Given at Drupal Camp Asheville. Want to learn about GatsbyJS? What it is and how it can help you and your team? Is it a framework? Is it a static site generator? GatsbyJS is an exciting way of thinking about building sites for the modern web. I will cover some of the main benefits that you or your team could experience with Gatsby