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grayson hicks

Heard of Gatsby.js, but not sure what to make of it?

Here’s five blazing-fast questions and answers with Front End Developer, Grayson Hicks, about everyone’s favorite front-end tool right now.

Opening Projects Faster with VS Code

Two Quick Tips for Getting VS Code Up and Running in macOS

How To Serve GZipped JS and CSS from AWS S3

Change one metadata field to allow you to offer much smaller and more efficient static files from S3

Sanctum Ipsum: Building A Catholic React.js Lorem Ipsum Generator

How I built the holiest lorem ipsum generator on the internet, and a design for anyone’s React lorem ipsum project.

Building Our Javascript SDK

Making your API calls readable, maintainable, and testable

aliases and snippets pt. 2 (snippets)

Four reasons why leveraging snippets in the code editor should be on your developer to-do list.

aliases and snippets pt. 1 (aliases)

A reminder that in programming, like in life, it’s the little things that can make all the difference.

Crawling back out of the cave

Summing up the last few weeks at The Iron Yard. Falling in love with React.js and using it to build my final project.

Shims, Jigs and Other Woodworking Concepts to Conquer Technical Debt

What is bad code? Does bad code work, but just the wrong way? Thoughts on technical debt compromises as a carpenters tools.

Apps on apps

It’s been too long since I posted, and already left some stuff out of my last post. We have been neck deep in Backbone (see what I did…

Putting Some Backbone Into It

It’s only been 8 days since I last posted, but we have been doing a lot of coding.

Two Week Notice

The last two weeks have been an overload of Javascript. The common analogy here is ‘drinking from a firehose.’ I have still had a good…

A Calculator With Bugs

So last Thursday, we were formally introduced to Javascript in the class. The weekend challenge was to build a fully functioning calculator…

Be Careful What You Wish For

This week we have continued practicing CSS layout, transitions, etc. We introduced Bootstrap on Monday, which opens up its own world of…

Feeling the Burn

CSS positioning may be my least favorite thing ever. I have practiced emulating websites on my own before, as well as with sites like…

The Vacation is Over

About year ago, I had fully come to terms with the idea that I didn’t want my current career to be my career any longer. By May 2015, I had…

I swore I would never start a blog…

Never say never.