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Headshot of Grayson Hicks

grayson hicks


No matter the platform or language, I like to build software (dreams of hardware, too). I am interested in and passionate about solving problems with all things technical. I enjoy writing about technology and giving talks.

I am currently a senior software engineer for a Gatsby, creating blazing-fast websites. I live outside Brevard, NC with my wife, four sons, and one daughter. We love to garden, hike and catch salamanders.

current interests

These are my favorite things I am presently learning or actively making an effort to include in projects/work:

  • TypeScript
  • JavaScript
  • React
  • Three.js
  • Arduino
  • GraphQL


Logo for gatsby, inc. (2020 - present)
gatsby, inc. (2020 - present)
Performing Gatsby site performance audits for enterprise clients. Supporting Cloud platform users to get the most out of Gatsby.
Logo for (2018 - present) (2018 - present)
Leading developer on a large distributed team. Building enterprise level websites using React, Gatsby, Node.js, and GraphQL around a strong team of Drupal developers.
Logo for (2016 - 2018) (2016 - 2018)
On a small development team for a thriving ed-tech SaaS. Responsible for full feature builds, from the browser to the database and covered with tests. A handrolled JS front-end framework, effective libraries when needed, PHP on the backend, and SQL for the database.


Logo for gatsby-plugin-remote-images
A Gatsby.js plugin for downloading and linking remote images from another node's field for the benefits of gatsby-image.
Logo for Mojiscript
A fun tool that takes text and tranforms it in to Emojis with similar shapes. Inspired by the Mediacurrent team Slack. Built with Gatsby.
Logo for vrWorkplace
A ReactVR project allowing the user to choose a workplace, enter a 360 view of the workplace, and select an view "hotpoints" related to that career.
Logo for pallypal
Web based canvas tool to create color palettes and exported stylesheet files with semantically named color variables. Built using JS, with a Node.js/Express server on Heroku. Also offered as an npm package.
Logo for sanctum ipsum
sanctum ipsum
A site based Catholic lorem ipsum generate made with React. Also offers a node.js based API for use within projects, as well as an npm package.