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grayson hicks

Two Week Notice

March 02, 2016

The last two weeks have been an overload of Javascript. The common analogy here is ‘drinking from a firehose.’ I have still had a good foundation to stand on, and many of the questions and curiosities I have about Javascript are being answered everyday. We’ve also started jQuery, which is a big relief. Since the calculator, we’ve done lots of koan type practice and built several projects.

First was a hangman game with an interactive keyboard and screen. Still some updates and tweaks I want to make, but happy with it for 2 days of work.


Second was a clone of the Etsy search page, using their API. This was our first time getting live JSON back in a project, and something I have done before in projects and was really looking forward to. It’s a great feeling getting two sites connected. We’re also using Handlbars.js as our templating engine. I have messed with Jade before, and see the similarities. It’s definitely a time saver. I was able to build out the search bar and some of the filtering buttons. I plan on completing the sidebar filters at some point. Here is my site:

4 2 etsy

And here is what I am going for:

dog - Etsy
_Shop for dog on Etsy, the place to express your creativity through the buying and selling of handmade and vintage goods…

Lastly, again using live API calls and Handlebars, I built a clone of my Github profile. All of the links are live (some using templating, some not) and you can search for other users using the top bar. The repo search bar is also functional. I plan on adding an OAuth gatekeeper to allow someone to actually log in and out, but didn’t get there in time, it was definitely more difficult that setting up a simple token. Here is the profile:


And here is the actual Github page:

graysonhicks (Grayson Hicks)
_graysonhicks has 55 repositories written in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Follow their code on

So those are the big projects. I have also been working on my own Yeoman generator for getting projects up and running, but it’s not ready to go yet.

Until next time…