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Putting Some Backbone Into It

March 11, 2016

It’s only been 8 days since I last posted, but we have been doing a lot of coding.

Our weekend project was a turn based game (you go, computer goes, you go, computer goes). It was a pretty open-ended assignment so it was a lot of fun. I knew right away I was going with a Star Wars theme so it could be a game my little boys would actually enjoy playing. It was also our last project before jumping into Backbone, so the code base was getting very large and complex. I began to separate data from views and controllers, even though they weren’t really in an MVC, I was preparing mentally for building with an MVC. I’m really proud of the game, here it is:

5 3 turn game

Another exciting week is that I Yeoman generator that I customized to fit with our projects, but using straight Sass instead of scss is inexplicably being downloaded by hundreds of people on npm. It is a cool generator, but its strange and cool to see it being used by people around the world, putting me on the other side of open source for the first time. I’ve started working on a super-lightweight generator, because this one is a heavyduty one that isn’t fit for quick projects. Here’s the big one:

_This is a Yeoman generator that is based on The Iron Yard Student Yeoman generator. This version is set up for those…

I’ve got two pretty cool Backbone apps I built this week, one using a node.js Express server I made, and the other was my first coding on a team, I’ll post those next time!