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grayson hicks

Feeling the Burn

February 04, 2016

CSS positioning may be my least favorite thing ever. I have practiced emulating websites on my own before, as well as with sites like Codecademy, but never to the ‘pixel-perfect’ standard. This tougher standard is proving to be good, bad, difficult, rewarding, maddening, and satisfying all in the same moment.

To best explain, I have a habit when I am doing any physical activity to make a mental note when I am actually feeling any stress versus moving but not really feeling like I am getting stronger. I am always noting when I ‘feel the burn.’ If I do a hike and don’t feel the burn, it’s like it wasn’t hard enough or I didn’t push myself enough. CSS positioning to a pixel perfect standard based on an image is kind of like that.

When I began self-study, I was already a little familiar with HTML/CSS so I forced myself to stay on them, and not jump ahead until I had reinforced them more. But Javascript, jQuery, and the like were exciting and new so it was hard to stay on topic.

Well, come Day 3 at The Iron Yard, I started to ‘feel the burn.’ The challenge was straight forward enough, but proved to really push me towards a ‘pixel-perfect’ standard and force me to research, experiment and try many things in that quest. Position, margin, padding, clears, floats, all running through my head as I tried to get the headline the exact number of pixels down from the top, or the search icon just the right amount from the edge of the page.

Anyways, I am excited to know I will be challenged and pushed so thoroughly over the next 12 weeks!

Here are the two examples we have created this week:


Surf & Paddle Company | 2016
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