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Be Careful What You Wish For

February 11, 2016

This week we have continued practicing CSS layout, transitions, etc. We introduced Bootstrap on Monday, which opens up its own world of pros and cons.

We built a great looking website based on an image using Bootstrap. We also touched on several of the other CSS framework options available. Yesterday, I was kind of hoping we would start Javascript material in lectures, because I felt I had a pretty good grip on CSS, but we decided to spend one more day of CSS practice and review so we could confidently move on. We got just a wireframe with measurements and labels to build with Bootstrap and flesh out and design on our own.

So I took the opportunity to build it with Bourbon, Neat, and Bitters, instead of Bootstrap. I have used Bootstrap a few times before the course, and the practice here has helped even more. I had heard of Bourbon and looked at it, and wanted to try Neat while I had Jacob and Dan here to help answer any issues. Right off the bat, Neat and Bootstrap are definitely different, but I think I liked Neat a little more. Less features (no carousel), so I had to use a third party plugin (Slick). But the grid framework itself came out a little more effortlessly when it came to responsiveness.

As for my desire to start practicing JS, the extra credit was to link the site (a fake bike shop) with Flickr’s public feed of ‘bike’ pictures. By 5:00 I was done with the required portion and almost called it a day since I hadn’t left before 8:00 in a week, but I reminded myself that I only have 12 weeks and to take full advantage…

Three hours, no carousel plugin, and a headache later…success (for the most part). Hey, I asked for Javascript and got it.

Checkout the projects below (last one is the one using Flickr API):

Sk8 Site
_Skate ipsum dolor sit amet, nose slide betty Randy Ruiz bearings drop in nose. Coper Vans hand rail flypaper trucks…

Swamp Rabbit Cycling

Swamp Rabbit Cycling